The Mexican dishes are very diverse and extremely delicious. The influence of the Spanish and Indian cultures can be felt in them. The roots of the Mexican cuisine go right into the depth of the Indian Maya and Aztec cultures. It is the Mayas and the Aztecs who have made the Spanish conquistadors aware of tomatoes, avocados, peanuts, squash (vegetable marrows), sweet and white potatoes, pineapples, papaya, vanilla, cocoa, certain string bean and Chile pepper varieties.

One good turn deserves another: the Spaniards have brought cattle, sheep, chickens, wheat, rice, nuts, oil, garlic, cinnamon, some other spices and fruit to the Americas. The missioner nuns living in Mexico were entrusted the responsibility for the development and distribution of new dishes. For their cooking they used the ingredients typical of the Indian as well as Spanish cuisine.

Step by step the Mexican cuisine was winning its ever increasing popularity, and the Latin American - Indian cooks were adapting their traditional meals to the European palate and the European-origin ingredients. The Mexican cuisine is characterized with the ingredients and dishes that have already become classics: Chile pepper, tortillas, tacos, rice and string beans. And it is undoubtedly tequila that rates first among the spirits!

It is not necessary any more to travel overseas to another continent in order to taste all those exotic dishes and drinks. The restaurant "El Paso" is a part of Mexico brought to this city where you are certainly a most welcome guest any time!